An Excerpt from The Blind King #fantasy #yalit

Two kingdoms at war. One possesses an elite force of fire mages, the other has only remnants of an army.

Pointing to a location on the map before him, Gannon said, “The invaders have stopped here for the time being. We must ride with all haste before they can advance farther.”

“Will you lead this battle yourself?” Efren asked quietly. He feared for his brother’s safety, knowing he had no true experience in battle.

“What else would you have me do, Brother?”

Efren shook his head and sighed quietly. There was no answer he could give that would please the young king. His mind was made up, and he was determined to fight alongside his men.

“We cannot let these attacks go unanswered,” Councilman Faril said, striking his fist against the conference table. He was an older man who had experienced war with Na’zora in the past. Though his hair was gray and his face lined with age, he was strong and determined. “We must push them back into their own lands. Show them we are not a kingdom of cowards.”

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New Short Story Release: Delphinia’s Willow

At Night In The Elvenforest 3d CG

Kidnapped by a wicked sorcerer, a forest dryad must find her way back to nature. Fall in love with the forest in this high fantasy short story.

As a guardian of the forest, Delphinia spends her days tending to the trees. One day, her peaceful life is interrupted. A wizard arrives bringing evil to her land, and she is taken by force to a faraway island. Will she ever find her way back to nature?

Available exclusively on Amazon.

New Release! Source of the River by Lana Axe #fantasy

Source of the River 500Source of the River is now available on Amazon!

Journey into the mountain home of the dwarves, where an evil spirit dwells.

High in the mountains, an evil presence has unleashed a plague upon the dwarves. When news reaches River, he begins a quest to retrieve an ancient artifact that will expel the entity, freeing the dwarves from its murderous grasp. Along the way, he finds friendship in a dwarf girl, who possesses extraordinary magical powers of her own. Together they will be the key to preventing a genocide among the dwarves.

Without his knowledge, River is pursued by a powerful elven sorcerer who is determined to bind the soul of an elemental. Using a practice that has been banned for centuries, he plans to combine River’s power with his own. If he succeeds, he will possess the strength to become a god himself.

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