Now Available! A Slave to Magic #fantasy #adventure

A Slave to Magic 500

The path to freedom lies in the heart of magic.

Though destined to live out his days in slavery, Kwil desires nothing more than to study magic. His natural talent will not be denied, and he seeks any chance to practice his craft. If he’s discovered, the penalty is death. Humans are forbidden to learn magic in the land of Gi’gata.

Determined not to live the life her father has planned for her, Nera dreams only of making music and escaping from his watchful eye. In Kwil she finds a kindred spirit, a trapped soul yearning to break free from the rules of society. Together they must abandon their former lives and search for the knowledge they both crave.


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An Excerpt from A Slave to Magic #fantasy #yalit

The path to freedom lies in the heart of magic.

As Kwil approached the cave’s entrance, fear gripped hold of his mind. No longer certain that he wanted to continue, he hesitated, staring into the mouth of the cave. Only a few feet inside, the light faded away to darkness, and Kwil felt a churning in his stomach. Clutching the polished stone against his chest, he begged it to give him strength. The warmth returned to its surface, spreading throughout the young man’s body. Steeling himself, he stepped inside the monster’s lair.

To his delight, the shield remained lit, providing enough light for him to easily maneuver through the cave. His feet immediately hit water, and he paused, observing the pool in front of him. It appeared to go down for eternity, its depths descending into blackness. Wondering if he would have to swim across, he became uneasy. Kwil was not the strongest swimmer, but the monster might be. Stooping low, he grabbed a small pebble and tossed it in the water. It splashed, landing no more than a few inches from the water’s surface. Looking upward, Kwil realized the pool was only reflecting the darkened ceiling with its partially illuminated stalactites. With a quiet sigh of relief, he continued forward.

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Indie Author Spotlight: Lana Axe at SF Signal

Recently I chatted with the wonderful folks at SF Signal. See the full article here.

The Indie Author Spotlight is back and ready to take you to an enchanting land of magic, where humans and elves struggle to coexist, dwarves are somewhat of a legend, and maniacal, power hungry men of all races yearn to rule the world. This month we chat with fantasy author, Lana Axe!

story of river

Aelryk’s kingdom is under attack by monsters conjured by a dark sorcerer. His only hope lies far to the west, where a powerful water elemental is rumored to dwell. Along the way, he joins forces with the Wild Elves, who were once his enemy. They alone can lead him through the dangers of the Wildlands. Together, they must journey to a mysterious land of eternal spring and return before the kingdom is overrun by evil.

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