Fantasy Excerpt: Source of the River-Featuring Female Dwarves

Hello everyone! I’d love to share an excerpt from my upcoming high fantasy novel Source of the River. This story takes place well before the other novels in my Tales from Nol’Deron series. It presents a view of life among the dwarves of Nol’Deron, who have yet to appear in my other works. What is truly exciting is that my readers will have a chance to see things through the eyes of a female dwarf–a rarity in fantasy fiction! I hope you will love Kaiya as much as I do.

Darkness settled over the mountains. The stars hid themselves behind the clouds, but the moon’s glow fought its way through the thickness, providing a dim, hazy light. The wind gently rustled the leaves on the trees, and the creatures of the night sang softly to the sky.

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Coming Soon: Source of the River


I am pleased to announce my upcoming novel, Source of the River. This is the third installment in my Tales from Nol’Deron series, but it takes place much earlier than the other two. In this story, we see River at a much younger age.

Journey into the mountain home of the dwarves, where an evil spirit dwells.

High in the mountains, an evil presence has unleashed a plague upon the dwarves. When news reaches River, he begins a quest to retrieve an ancient artifact that will expel the entity, freeing the dwarves from its murderous grasp. Along the way, he finds friendship in a dwarf girl, who possesses extraordinary magical powers of her own. Together they will be the key to preventing a genocide among the dwarves.

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2013: My First Year as a Published Author

As I say goodbye to 2013 and welcome whatever 2014 will bring, I have such a feeling of satisfaction. I finally put together a novel and released it to the world. In fact, I released two novels and three short stories! For someone who does not write a novel every week, that is a big accomplishment. I sometimes catch myself shaking my head and wondering why it took eight years to accomplish this goal.

In 2013, I did what most people only ever talk about. So many people out there want to write, but they never make the time to do it. Those wonderful ideas they have go unused and unshared with potential readers. On the flip side, there are so many awesome stories out there waiting to be read. My books are a drop in the ocean that is filled with so much creativity.

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