Cover Reveal: The Third Apprentice #fantasyart

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To prove he has earned the rank of Master, one apprentice must wrest ultimate power from an ancient evil.

A master sorcerer has unlocked the secret to eternal life and unlimited power. All he requires is an ancient symbol, long hidden in a land cursed by evil. With three apprentices who are willing to take on the challenge, he sends them on a perilous journey into the wild and risks losing all of them to achieve his ultimate goal.

 Apprentice Taren has dedicated his entire life to the study of magic. For the love of his elderly master, he will stop at nothing to retrieve the symbol. Thrust into a destiny he never expected, he must travel through uncharted lands to the tomb of an ancient sorceress. Along the way, he encounters an unlikely friend and no shortage of enemies. To complete this quest, he must forsake the life of a humble apprentice and unlock the potential within. He must prove himself a true master of the arcane.

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An Excerpt From The Third Apprentice #fantasy #adventure

To prove he has earned the rank of Master, one apprentice must wrest ultimate power from an ancient evil.

“Come now, don’t fall behind,” Imrit said without turning around. He quickened his pace as he approached the tree line.

The apprentices followed behind, occasionally glancing at each other. Their eyes were wide, but their faces were expressionless as they attempted to suppress their anxiety. Stopping at the edge of the woods, Tissa brushed imaginary dirt away from her yellow robe. Fiddling with her light-brown hair, she awaited further instruction from her master. Her stomach felt as though a million winged creatures were trapped inside as she stared into the woods.

Djo stood tall, his chest high in an attempt to appear confident. His deep-red robe flapped slightly on the wind, adding to his kingly appearance. With his sandy-blond hair and stunning blue eyes, he already had the look of royalty. Inside, his heart was pounding, but he was determined not to show any fear. This was the final step in achieving his dream, and nothing would hold him back.

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New Release! Red of the Woods #darkfantasy

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An evil heart thirsts for vengeance in this dark version of Little Red Riding Hood.

Accused of witchcraft, Erthel and her granddaughter, Red, are forced into exile. Taking refuge in the woods, the old woman plots her revenge. Calling on the dark magic she abandoned years ago, she places a curse on the young girl—one that will punish the townspeople for sending her away.

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