Now Available! The Airship Race

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For the first time ever, the city of Ticswyk is hosting its very own airship race. The winner will receive a prize that any tinker would covet—the chance to have his or her airship mass-produced. Lionel is determined to win, spending night and day preparing the finest engine ever built. But his old nemesis, Jamison Morcroft, is skulking about, trying to steal the Master Tinker’s design.

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The Enchanted Obelisk (Clockwork Calico #2) #cats #catmystery

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A new exhibit featuring Egyptian artifacts uncovered by renowned Egyptologist Carter Porchester has arrived at Ticswyk’s museum. It’s the talk of the town, and tourists have flocked to the city to view this rare collection. Cali, the clockwork calico cat, is among the privileged few to receive a tour given by Porchester himself.

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Mewsings by Cali the Clockwork Cat #kidlit #steampunk #catbooks

Calico Cogg’s the name. Cali for short. Am I superior to other felines? In a word, yes. But don’t let that intimidate you. I’m friendly enough if you’re friendly to me. We might even become great friends. Though, the position of best human friend is already filled. Lionel’s his name.

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