Coming Soon: War of the Wildlands

I am nearing the release of my second novel entitled War of the Wildlands. This is a prequel to A Story of River, insomuch as it takes place before it chronologically. It does not, however, feature River or any of the elves of you have previously met.

War of the Wildlands takes place thirty years before the events which occurred in A Story of River. Aelryk is a young prince, and his father King Domren is in control of the Kingdom of Na’zora. In an effort to expand his borders, Domren has declared war on the Wild Elves. They have responded in kind, savagely attacking human villages outside Na’zora’s original borders.

Mi’tal also makes a return as Aelryk’s ever-loyal servant and protector. Lisalla, Aelryk’s bride-to-be, makes an appearance as she travels from her homeland of Ra’jhou to meet her betrothed. Her journey, however, will not be a simple one. In this story, the reader will get to know her much better.

Many new characters have joined the story as well. Yori is a young half-elf who is caught between the two opposing armies. After being accused of a crime, he is forced from the human world he has always known and seeks out his elven kin. Adventure awaits him as he begins his journey to unlock his magical abilities.

Reylin and Reylana represent the Oak Leaf Clan of Wild Elves. They are twins who have suffered tragedy at the hands of King Domren. Together, they will shape the destiny of their clan, as well as that of all Wild Elves.

I don’t wish to give away too much, so I will leave you with only the information above. I am hoping the novel will be ready for release this fall. If you’re wondering what River is up to, don’t worry. His story is far from complete, and he will be reappearing in future novels. Keep an eye on my blog for upcoming information about future novels, and sign up for my newsletter to receive sneak peeks and special offers.