An Excerpt from my Upcoming Novel: War of the Wildlands

As the release of my second novel draws ever nearer, I would like to give my readers a glimpse at what is to come. The following appears in chapter 9 of War of the Wildlands.

Reylin listened closely to the sounds of the forest. The birds chirped happily overhead, and the wind gently rustled the golden leaves, escorting them delicately to the ground. In the distance, he heard the crack of a small branch and knew that the Na’zorans were on the move. He readied his bow, signaling the others to prepare themselves as well.

Suddenly, horses burst through the tree line and into the village. Immediately, he loosed an arrow, knocking one soldier from his horse. His clansmen loosed arrows as well, and several men fell to the ground, clutching the arrows sticking out of their flesh. As their formation began to break, the sword maidens charged into battle. They quickly dispatched the men who had fallen from their mounts and began slicing at the legs of the men who had yet to be struck by arrows.

As his dark eyes drank in the scene, Mi’tal tightened his grip on the slender wooden handle of his war hammer and swung it at the charging women. The first to charge his direction was a tall, dark-haired elf with a savage look in her eyes. She screamed as she swung her blade to meet his hammer. Before she could draw her sword back a second time, he struck, hitting her directly in the head. She crumpled to the ground and did not move again. A second woman charged him, barely giving him enough time to block her blade. He struck the auburn-haired elf in the back and continued charging through the ranks.

Prince Aelryk’s stallion was spooked when a horse in front of him suddenly changed direction and charged straight at him. The horse reared, throwing the prince violently to the ground. Mi’tal, who had witnessed the event, dashed to the prince’s side. As he dismounted his horse to help Aelryk to his feet, an arrow grazed his left shoulder leaving a deep gash. Ignoring the pain, he grabbed the prince’s arm and pulled him up. Grabbing the horse’s reins, he used the animal for cover while he and Aelryk moved away from the center of the fighting.

“Are you alright, my lord?” Mi’tal asked, breathing heavily.

“I think I just had the wind knocked out of me,” the prince replied. “We need to get back on our horses and reform the charge. Somehow these elves knew we were coming.”

As Mi’tal looked around the battlefield, he realized that the elves had every advantage. Though his troops were certain they had the element of surprise, it was clear that the elves had known of their presence. It was a stupid mistake on their own part. Of course the elves would have scouts scouring every edge of the forest. A large group of mounted soldiers would be impossible to miss. Most likely, the elves had been expecting an attack ever since the massacre at the farming village. They must have been lying in wait, hoping for the opportunity to turn this war to their advantage. Today they had succeeded.

More information about the upcoming release of War of the Wildlands will be available soon.