The Enchanted Obelisk (Clockwork Calico #2) #cats #catmystery

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A new exhibit featuring Egyptian artifacts uncovered by renowned Egyptologist Carter Porchester has arrived at Ticswyk’s museum. It’s the talk of the town, and tourists have flocked to the city to view this rare collection. Cali, the clockwork calico cat, is among the privileged few to receive a tour given by Porchester himself.

As the exhibit gains popularity, strange events begin to occur. The massive obelisk standing in the museum’s courtyard illuminates in every color imaginable, its cause unknown. Many believe it’s a sign from the ancient Egyptians, their cryptic magic reaching out from beyond the ages. Not only that, there are rumors that a mummy has risen from its tomb and now stalks Ticswyk’s darkest streets. It’s up to Cali and her mouse friend Emmit to find the truth behind these bizarre occurrences.


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