Tales from Nōl’Deron

Welcome to the world of Nōl’Deron, where magic and adventure await. There are three separate races of elves: Wild Elves, Westerling Elves, and Enlightened Elves. The Wild Elves are creatures of the forest. They live in separate clans throughout the Wildlands. The Westerling Elves live at the base of the Wrathful Mountains on the banks of the Blue River. They are gentle, good-natured elves who have a care for all living creatures. Among them lives a powerful water elemental. The Enlightened Elves live on the islands and prize learning and magical strength above all else. Also in Nōl’Deron are three different kingdoms of humans: Na’zora, Ra’jhou, and Al’marr. Dwarves are also present, living high in the Wrathful Mountains and keeping mostly to themselves. All manner of fae live within the Wildlands, surviving unseen by human eyes.

Tales from Nōl’Deron is not your typical fantasy series. It does not require three separate novels to solve a single problem. Tales from Nōl’Deron is a collection of stories taking place in the same fantasy world. Each novel stands on its own, and it is not necessary to read them in any particular order. Some novels will feature the same characters at different stages in their lives. Each novel will come to its own conclusion, leaving the reader with a sense of fulfillment.

I know this is not the norm when it comes to a fantasy series, but why not try something new? I truly believe the reader will appreciate this style of writing. It leaves him or her free to choose which characters he wants to follow and which tales interest him the most. There is no three book (or more) commitment to enjoy the story.

I hope my readers will enjoy following along as my characters progress. Nōl’Deron is a world full of adventure and great peril, where heroes and villains both dwell.

The Blind King cover art 500 The Blind King cover art 500 Source of the River 500
war of the wildlands sm story of river sm a slave to magic
At River's End The Wrathful Mountains The Second Symbol
The First Lesson

Character Appearances:

River –  Source of the River, A Story of River, At River’s End

Aelryk – The Wrathful Mountains, A Story of River, At River’s End (brief appearance)

Mel – A Story of River, At River’s End

Kaiya – Source of the River, At River’s End, The Wrathful Mountains

Taren – The Third Apprentice, The Second Symbol, The First Lesson

Zamna – The Third Apprentice, The Second Symbol


Chronological Order for the World of Nol’Deron

The Blind King

Source of the River

War of the Wildlands

A Story of River

The Wrathful Mountains

At River’s End

The Third Apprentice

The Second Symbol

The First Lesson

A Slave to Magic

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