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My Favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes #StarTrek #Scifi

I’ve been binge watching Star Trek:The Next Generation lately. Even after all these years, I can’t seem to get enough of it. Here are some of my favorites.


A man risks his life simply to open a line of communication with an alien race. Now there’s a story we can all learn from. A fast friendship and a tragic ending, it’s a story that tugs at your heartstrings. I mean, who doesn’t tear up when Dathon dies and Picard says “he who was my companion through hardship and adventure is gone forever?” It certainly has a profound impact. I’m delighted to say the Children of Tama have a presence in the ongoing Star Trek novels, particularly in the Voyager series (Dr. Sharak).

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When I’m Not Writing

It occurred to me that some of you might find it interesting to read about the hobbies writers have that don’t involve writing. I know I enjoy seeing my favorite authors doing something other than being chained to their writing desks. My own hobbies include a variety of activities, many of which take place outdoors. Today, I am showing you what I’ve been up to for the past few months.

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