Short Stories

A Bird of White

Though destined to live her life in the forest, young Renla yearns for nothing more than to visit the sea. Leaving means giving up everything she’s ever known—including her family. Does she have the courage to follow her dream?

Follow along as a young elf maiden makes the decision of a lifetime—to dwell among the forest forever or soar above it all with the birds of white.

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Delphinia’s Willow

Kidnapped by a wicked sorcerer, a forest dryad must find her way back to nature. Fall in love with the forest in this high fantasy short story.

As a guardian of the forest, Delphinia spends her days tending to the trees. One day, her peaceful life is interrupted. A wizard arrives bringing evil to her land, and she is taken by force to a faraway island. Will she ever find her way back to nature?

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Beyond the Wildlands Beyond the Wildlands sm

An elf of the Wildlands recounts his adventures in this fantasy short story.

Jhinn, an elf from the wooded area known as the Wildlands, has lived an adventurous life. A master with a bow, he has joined forces with a human army to rid the forest of savage trolls. During training, he falls in love with a female warrior named Aurelle who has taken up her axe in defense of their homeland. After the battle, the pair journey together to begin new lives, though Jhinn prefers a life of crime. Follow along as they embark on an adventure full of excitement, greed, and tragedy.

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Memoirs of a Sorcerer

Ilthan has been wronged, and he intends to take back what is his.

Ilthan is an immensely talented sorcerer who has been forced into exile by those he meant to rule. Determined to have his revenge, he mounts a massive attack on the Sunswept Isles. Will he finally succeed in taking the isles by force?

This short story features one elf’s tale of triumph over captivity.

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warm octoberWarm October

It’s October, but summer doesn’t seem to be giving way to fall. This short story recounts the happenings of a less than ordinary October day.


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