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New Release! The Second Symbol #yalit #kindle


To master an ancient magic, Taren must pass through a trial of fire and blood.

Two years after recovering an ancient symbol, Taren is no closer to unlocking its secrets. The artifact has wreaked havoc on his magical abilities and filled his mind with terrible visions of fire and death. All he desires is to make peace with it—to live in harmony with the magic that has chosen him as its host.

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At River’s End: An Excerpt #highfantasy #elves

A vengeful sorcerer returns to threaten the peaceful lives of the elves.

Positioning her feet apart and bending slightly at the knees, Isandra steeled herself for the wyvern’s attack. The sorcerer atop the beast crouched low, bracing himself for an impact as well. Isandra knew what was coming. The beast lunged its weight forward, closing on her position. On instinct, she twisted her body, narrowly avoiding a collision.

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Indie Author Spotlight: Lana Axe at SF Signal

Recently I chatted with the wonderful folks at SF Signal. See the full article here.

The Indie Author Spotlight is back and ready to take you to an enchanting land of magic, where humans and elves struggle to coexist, dwarves are somewhat of a legend, and maniacal, power hungry men of all races yearn to rule the world. This month we chat with fantasy author, Lana Axe!

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